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MILF porn actress Kendra Lust has built a name for herself in her almost 6-year career as early as the first year and a half in the industry. But how did she got into porn?

Kendra Lust Brazzers

Kendra Lust (aka Michele Anne Mason) is one of the world’s hottest MILF porn stars today. She was born on September 18, 1978 in Madison Heights, Michigan. In high school, she was an honorary student, a queen of the ball, playing sports and, among other things, promiscuous, but Kendra’s qualities were not known to her parents. At age 16 she won an amateur striptease competition (she had a very well shaped body and her breast size was 75D, so no one bothered to apply for her ID card). Later in her life, her breasts shrunk due to a hard workout, so she had them enlarged to their original size.

While in school, she worked as a stripper for about a year and a half. She graduated from a medical school and subsequently worked as a registered nurse for 6 years. When she was 33 years old, she started performing in front of the webcam. She started to think of porn only when enough people in the chat had suggested that she shoot porn.

Career in the porn industry

This milf porn star with brown eyes and an incredibly strong body entered the porn industry in March 2012. She shot 2 lesbian scenes (with Phoenix Marie and Rachel Starr), and although she loves girls, she got tired of it because she needed to feel a real cock. Her first heterosexual scene was with porn actor Manuel Ferrara, who is one of her favorite male collaborators.

Her interpretations have been awarded many awards and nominations for prizes, and even her vagina has been immortalized in the form of an artificial vagina. In addition to filming porn in front of the camera, Kendra Lust began filming as a director. She founded her own production company called Lust Army Productions and a talent agency called Society 15.

Personal life

When you look at Kendra Lust, you may notice that she is a woman who cares very much about her body. After all, the money she earns is due to her body, so she must always be in perfect form. Kendra Lust likes traveling, fishing, exercising, basketball and various other sports, reading, boating and spending time on the water in general. She is married to a policeman and has a daughter.


What did porn actress Kendra Lust reveal about herself? Read the interview.

Brazzers Kendra Lust

When you decided to enter the porn industry, did you know about the stigma associated with pornography? Has it affected your decision in any way?

That is a good question. Frankly, at first I didn’t have much expectations. I just wanted to uncheck it from my life goals list. I honestly thought it was going nowhere. From time to time I think about it, but I am not ashamed of what I do. It’s a legal profession. I like what I do … How many people can really say they love their job? I like that I can set up my own plan. I’m more secure than when I worked as a nurse. Don’t get me wrong, there are some advantages and disadvantages, but I never feel guilty or ashamed of what I do. I think more women would like it, but I think they’re afraid of the social stigma that goes with it. I do not care. I don’t care if you don’t like it or accept me for what I do … I always felt that a career wouldn’t define anyone unless they let it happen. Plus, I have a totally different life outside porn. Porn does not define my personality.

So what did you do, did you send your photos to talent agents?

Well, before that, I was about 3 months before the webcam. A lot of people in the chat asked me if I ever thought about porn. I was thinking about it, but at the time I was 33 years old and I thought I would have to be a young woman to get it somewhere. Finally, I thought, “Why not!” So I searched some of the biggest companies like Brazzers or Kink and sent them my photos. I was going to bother them until they decided to try it with me. When I first showed up on the set, I didn’t know anyone and nothing. I was really nervous, but in the end I repudiated my alertness and did what I love!

You say you were nervous before the first shoot, how long did it take you to reach a comfortable level?

I’d say about 6 months. And I say it because I always have butterflies in my stomach every time I’m on set. I don’t think I just show up and have sex. I want to feel good, give a good performance to make the scene look nice. I want everyone to feel good and have a good day for everyone. When I work with a new director, I get a little nervous at times.

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about the porn industry?

My friends who aren’t in the industry always ask me, “Aren’t you tired after 10 days of sex?” Yes, it’s physically challenging, but people think we have sex all day, and that’s far from the truth. The scene settings – cameras, lighting, angle, makeup and hair – are more challenging. It’s a lot about hurrying and waiting. So I think people think you have sex all day, but it’s not really. Everyone also thinks we’re taking drugs and going to the party all the time. This is not true. Some people attend different parties, but not everyone. So I think there is one negative misconception and one that is not entirely wrong. These are mainly two things that I encounter.

When you work with someone new for the first time, do you have a conversation and find out what a porn star likes and what doesn’t?

Yes I’m trying to. Just because some guys have very sensitive anal areas or don’t want you to touch their back opening or get any closer. I care about making male artists feel good. The two main things that I really care about are the director and the porn actor. I want them to be happy because if the male artist doesn’t feel comfortable, the workday will be really long. I even ask girls if there’s something they don’t like and aren’t exciting about. It is basically a professional courtesy.

What excites you?

I like it when my finger is stuck in my ass when I climax. It pushes my limits a bit. Compared to all the crazy things happening in porn, this is still mild. I really like dirty talk in my scenes in which the person I’m shooting with is whispering in my ear and the director doesn’t hear it. All these wickedness excite me. I love it.

How many times do you reach orgasm during filming?

Believe me, I am very selfish, I want to achieve orgasm! It’s my goal. Sometimes the director wants me to move my ass in a certain way, and sometimes I need to rub a little to get an orgasm. I try it every time! There are only a few scenes in which I have not achieved orgasm. I think I did it quite well.

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